Investor Relations

Market maker

In order to guarantee the best trading environment for its shares, Grendene S.A. hired Banco BTG Pactual S.A. as its market maker and advisor in the promotion process for the liquitity of shares for an indefinite term.

The market maker is a trading agent committed to maintain bid and ask orders on a regular and continuous basis at a maximum fixed spread, facilitating transactions and avoiding artificial share price movements caused by lack of liquidity.

Market making is a very common practice in international markets and now starts being developed in the Brazilian stock market. B3 has been encouraging the companies to hire market makers aiming to promote negotiations with its shares and increase their liquidity. Grendene’s decision of participating in this process reinforces its commitment to investors and to the best trading practices.

Type of Security: Stock
Stock Code: GRND3
Maximum Spread: 3.00%
Minimum Lot per Office: 10,000
Round Lot: 100
Market Maker: Banco BTG Pactual S.A.
Expiration of the Contract: 6 months, automatically extendable for undetermined period
Contract in Force since: 06/28/2007
Market Maker since: 06/29/2007